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Bullfrog presents an exclusive collaboration with Spanish artist Ramon Maiden, where art and lifestyles come together, the fruit of reciprocal passion and admiration. Ramon Maiden fully embodies the identity of the Bullfrog man: a “delinquent dandy”, as he likes to define himself, who draws inspiration from his art, his nomadic and cosmopolitan lifestyle, his frequent trips away and his passion for tattoos and motors.

Bullfrog presents the second chapter in the Secret Potion saga, a fragrance that draws inspiration from the buzz that comes from the studio in which the artist works.
The pungent metallic notes of the pen and the dark inky heart mix together in this revolutionary blend, full of mystery and symbolism

.A rich and unpredictable composition with a secret fragrance pyramid, only a few notes of which can be revealed to the public. In any case, the artist never reveals his secrets. Ramon Maiden has created an exclusive image for Bullfrog: The Bullfrog, an important figure in the history of the brand and from which it takes its name, will be present on every bottle of the new fragrance.

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